Broadway Allotments and Community Garden Association

Broadway Allotments and Community Garden Association was formed in January 2020 with the primary purpose to preserve and enhance biodiversity and create a green space for the community of Frome to grow, learn and enjoy.

Mendip District Council currently own the land but we are asking for the land to be transferred to the community. Working in partnership with a local Ecologist and Landscape Designer, the Association have come up with a plan that not only enriches wildlife but also greatly benefits all ages of the community. Frome Town Council have agreed to support our campaign for the transfer of the site to the community being managed by Frome Town Council and the Association.

The aims of the Association are:

  1. Working in partnership with the community create an accessible for all green space which protects and enhances the ecology and biodiversity of the site.

  2. Create an active green space where people of all ages can come and enjoy the natural environment, learn to appreciate wildlife and grow food.

  3. Provide an opportunity to build a resilient community which is fit to cope with the challenges of climate change.

  4. Create an invaluable asset and amenity for the town and it’s citizens.


The proposal is that the local residents would work with Frome Town Council to manage the land. We need to prove that there is broad support from residents in the area before Mendip District Council can consider handing the land over to Frome Town Council.

If you are keen to secure this land as green communal space for local residents and for Frome Town Council to take formal ownership please subscribe to our mailing list to show your support.

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This is a community project and all are welcome to join in and contribute. We have presented our proposal to Mendip District Council with a supporting petition which will demonstrate the level of community support

If you are able and interested in getting involved in the project please get in touch. 

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